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Contact New Cardiovascular Horizons:

New Cardiovascular Horizons
3639 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy. | Suite 605
Lafayette, LA 70503

Phone: 337.993.7920
Fax: 337.993.7922

    Visual Design Manager

    (p) 337.993.7920 ext.10
    (f) 337.993.7922

    Exhibits Coordinator
    Robert Roy
    (p) 337.993.7920 ext.12
    (f) 337.993.7922

    Director of Operations
    and Faculty Liaison

    Tom Best
    (p) 337.993.7920 ext.13
    (f) 337.993.7922

    Director of Development
    and Special Projects

    Candace Gulotta
    (p) 337.993.7920 ext.14
    (f) 337.993.7922

    Executive Director
    Dana Rigdon, CMP
    (p) 337.993.7920 ext.15
    (f) 337.993.7922


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