NCVH San Antonio Cardiovascular Update | Fall 2014

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NCVH San Antonio

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Craig M. Walker, MD
Cardiovascular Institute of the South
Houma, LA

William Wu, MD
Heart and Vascular Clinic of San Antonio
San Antonio, TX

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View 2013 Presentations:

8:10 am | William Wu, MD
Opening Remarks

8:15 am | Joe Moody, MD
Update on Atrial Fibrillation

8:30 am | Hinan Ahmed, MD
Update on Antiplatelet Therapy: View PDF

8:45 am | Michael Kwan, MD
Treatment Options for End Stage CHF: View PDF

9:00 am | Chad Stasik, MD
Update on TAVI for Aortic Valve Stenosis: View PDF

9:15 am | Stevan Himmelstein, MD
Coronary Atherectomy: Fact or Fiction? View PDF

9:30 am | Nicholas Menasco, ACSM
Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing: Who Needs It? View PDF

9:45 am |
Questions and Answers/Panel Discussion

10:00 am |

10:15 am | Hinan Ahmed, MD
New Guideline for Treatment of CAD: Medical vs. PCI vs. CABG: View PDF

10:30 am | Robert Chilton, MD
Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiovascular Disease: View PDF

10:45 am | Wade May, MD
Techniques in Non-Invasive Cardiac Imaging: View PDF

11:00 am | Salvatore Tirrito, MD
What Should We Know About Anti-Aging? View PDF

11:15 am | Bob Jarka, PharmD
New Concept for Anti-anginal Therapy: View PDF

11:30 am | Stephen Reich, MD
Catheter Ablation for Arrhythmia: View PDF

11:45 am |
Questions and Answers/Panel Discussion

12:00 pm |

1:00 pm | Michael Wholey, MD
Update on Treatment of Carotid Artery Disease: View PDF

1:15 pm | Yonghong Huan, MD
Malignant Hypertension: Renal Artery Stent vs. Renal Artery Denervation: View PDF

1:30 pm | Robert Bertoldo, DO
The Benefits and Dynamics of Hyperbaric Wound Treatments: View PDF

1:45 pm | Cliff Buckley, MD
Update on AAA: View PDF

2:00 pm | Terrance Murphy
PAD: A Patient’s Perspective

2:15 pm | Craig Walker, MD
Why Every Practitioner Must Understand and Deal with Peripheral Vascular Disease: View PDF

2:30 pm | Eric T. Choi, MD
How to Set Up a Successful Limb Salvage Program: View PDF

2:45 pm |
Questions and Answers/Panel Discussion

3:00 pm |

3:15 pm | Michael Roth, DPM
Limb Ulcer: Diabetic Foot, Ischemic Limb and Others: View PDF

3:30 pm | Anna Sanchez, DPM
Microvascular Approach for Wound Care: View PDF

3:45 pm | Robert Chilton, MD
Medical Therapy and Angiogenesis for Chronic Ischemic Limb: View PDF

4:00 pm | Cliff Buckley, MD
Surgical Therapy for Chronic Limb Ischemia: View PDF

4:15 pm | Craig Walker, MD
New Techniques for Endovascular Treatment of Critical Limb Ischemia: View PDF

4:30 pm | William Wu, MD
Case Presentations: Revascularization Below the Knee and Ankle: View PDF

4:45 pm |
Questions and Answers/Panel Discussion

5:00 pm |


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