NCVH 2014 Annual Conference Presentations & Live Cases

NCVH Annual Conference 2014 - Presentations & Live Cases

Friday, May 30

Breakfast Symposium: New Technologies and Late Breaking Trials

6:38 am | How to Close Large Bore Sheaths with a Single Device | View Video ncvh-video
Rex Teeslink, MD

6:46 am | Point-of-Care Genetic Testing for Tailored Anti-Platelet Therapy | View Video ncvh-video
Robert Wilkins, MD

6:54 am | Balloon Angioplasty: A New Technology and Changing Model | View Video ncvh-video
Ricardo Rao, MD

7:02 am | Hybrid Procedures in Vascular Surgery: Conventional plus Endovascular Approach | View Video ncvh-video
Roberto Young, Jr., MD

7:10 am | The Prodigy for Coronary and Peripheral CTOs: First Clinical Experience | View Video ncvh-video
Richard R Heuser, MD

7:18 am | Endovascular Treatment of Type B Aortic Dissection: A Single Center 12-year Experience | View Video ncvh-video
Jianfang Luo, MD

7:26 am | Stentys: A New Self Apposing Coronary Stent | View Video ncvh-video
Barry D Bertolet, MD

7:42 am | BioMimics 3D Stent with Helical Curvature: Results of the Mimics Randomized Study with 2-Year Follow-up | View Video ncvh-video
Thomas Zeller, MD

Renal and Mesenteric Disease: Review of Current Data and Techniques

ISES at NCVH: Current and Future Technology for Aortic Aneurysm Therapy

Embolization for the Interventionist

Vascular Access and Follow-Up

ASCVP at NCVH: Phlebology Review for the Cardiovascular Specialist

Venous Reconstruction and Deep Venous Interventions