NCVH 2015 Annual Conference Presentations & Live Cases

NCVH 2015 Annual Conference - Presentations & Live Cases

Tuesday, May 26

NCVH Fellows Course 2015 - Complex Strategies in Peripheral Interventions

8:55 am | Welcome and Opening Remarks | View Video
Carlos Mena, MD

9:00 am | Why Every Interventionist Must Understand PAD | View Video | View PDF
Craig Walker, MD

9:15 am | The Role of Duplex Ultrasound, CTA, and MRA in the Diagnosis and Selection of Treatment Options for PAD | View Video | View PDF
Richard Kovach, MD

9:50 am | Access is Everything: From Routine to Advanced in Peripheral Interventions | View Video | View PDF
Nick Cavros, MD

10:00 am | Complications of Vascular Access and Hemostasis | View Video | View PDF
George Adams, MD

10:35 am | New Technology Update: What Do We Have Now that We Didn't Have a Year Ago? | View Video | View PDF
Prakash Krishnan, MD

10:45 am | The Right Tool for the Right Job: Appropriate Choice of Devices for Endovascular Procedures | View Video | View PDF
Thomas Shimshak, MD

11:20 am | Diagnosis and Endovascular Treatment of Critical Limb Ischemia: What You Need to Know | View Video | View PDF
Mehdi Shishehbor,DO, PhD

11:30 am | What's on the Horizon with Drug-Eluting Devices? | View Video | View PDF
Robert Beasley, MD

1:30 pm | Wire Technology: How to Choose Based on Anatomy and Strategy | View Video | View PDF
Craig Walker, MD

1:50 pm | Endovascular Approach to CTO's: Crossing Methods and Devices | View Video | View PDF
Anish Thomas, MD

2:25 pm | An Update on Balloons: From POBA to the Newest Technologies | View Video | View PDF
Cezar Staniloae, MD

2:35 pm | Self-Expanding Stent Technology: Impact on Choosing a Device | View Video | View PDF
S. Hinan Ahmed, MD

2:45 pm | An Overview of Atherectomy Devices | View Video | View PDF
Frank Bunch, MD

3:20 pm | How to Choose the Right Patient for Carotid Stenting | View Video | View PDF
Carlos Mena, MD

3:30 pm | Diagnosis and Endovascular Approach of Chronic Mesenteric Ischemia | View Video | View PDF
Wayne Zhang, MD

3:40 pm | A Comprehensive Overview of the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Venous Insufficiency | View Video | View PDF
Robert Coronado, MD

4:15 pm | Healthcare Changes Affecting Your Practice | View Video | View PDF
Vinay Kumar, MD

4:25 pm | Now That You Have the Tools, What are You Going to Do with Them? | View Video | View PDF
Alan Block, DPM

4:35 pm | How NOT to Give a Talk: Helpful Hints for Your Next Presentation | View Video | View PDF
David Slovut, MD, PhD

Understanding the Business of Peripheral Interventions

1:00 pm | Welcome and Opening Remarks | View PDF
Craig Walker, MD

1:05 pm | Economic Cost of PAD, CLI and Venous Disease: How Big is the Market? | View PDF
Mary Yost, MBA

1:20 pm | Cost Analysis: Amputation vs. Revascularization | View PDF
Neal Barshes, MD

1:35 pm | Medical Innovation: Can New Technology Reduce Costs? | View PDF
Mark Breedlove

1:50 pm | Early Identification of PAD: Evidence to Refuse USPSTF Position on Screening | View PDF
Mehdi Shishehbor, DO, PhD

2:05 pm | Marketing 101: Finding PAD and CLI Patients Before Amputation | View PDF | View PDF
Alan Block, DPM | Frank Bunch, MD

2:20 pm | Marketing 102: How to Build a Venous Practice | View PDF
Robert Coronado, MD

3:05 pm | Outpatient Endovascular Centers: Fad or Future? | View PDF
Elias Kassab, MD

3:20 pm | Reimbursement Variances: Outpatient Labs vs. Inpatient Labs | View PDF
Thomas Gustafson, PhD

3:35 pm | How Are the Changing Economics of Healthcare Influencing the Consumer? | View PDF
David Konur, MHA, FACHE

3:50 pm | Should Nurses and Techs Be Allowed to Gain Access in the Cath Lab? | View PDF
Craig Walker, MD