Business of Peripheral Interventions Stakeholders Forum | May 28, 2019     

NCVH Business of Peripheral Interventions




The Roosevelt New Orleans
130 Roosevelt Way
New Orleans, LA 70112

Join us for a new and innovative session to discuss the comprehensive financial and economic impact of amputations, peripheral interventions, reimbursements and other exciting topics in the ever changing landscape of today’s complex healthcare industry.

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Educational Highlights

  • Peripheral Reimbursement: What Every Physician Should Know
  • Economic Cost of PAD, CLI and Venous Disease: Sizing the Market
  • Medical Innovation: Can New Technology Reduce Costs?
  • Early Identification of PAD: Evidence to Refute USPSTF Position on Screening
  • Cost Analysis: Amputation vs Revascularization
  • The Future of Outpatient Endovascular Centers
  • Peripheral Intervention Marketing Tactics