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NCVH is an educational nonprofit foundation focused on multidisciplinary accredited conferences to advance the field of cardiovascular care using endovascular technologies, pharmacotherapy treatments, peripheral interventions and amputation prevention techniques. With a goal to empower healthcare providers with knowledge of head-to-toe vascular treatments, NCVH strives to promote interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration to address the continuum of patient care.

Educational activities include an annual multi-day conference, fellows course and vein forum along with one-day regional meetings around the United States. Internationally, NCVH participates with focused educational sessions at various meetings in China and the United Arab Emirates. For a complete list of upcoming events, visit

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I'm very encouraged about all the alternatives to amputations discussed here. When I was a nurse and a student, I didn't see many ways of saving limbs. It was very discouraging. As medicine has progressed, there's been a decrease in amputations.
Margaret Meyers, MD
Thomas Hospital
Fairhope, AL
I especially appreciate how viewing live cases allows me to be more diligent in follow-up care. I'm a nurse practitioner, so I'm more of a referral source for patients. Seeing firsthand what patients go through during the procedure helps me learn more about what complications to looks for post-procedure, like calcification.
Renita Bryant, NP
University Health Systems
Monroe, LA
As with last year, I remain excited about the new technology, especially DCBs and Nitinol hybrid stents. In Uruguay, we use balloons and stents, but technology is behind.
Santiago Gonzalez, MD
Centro Vascular
Montevideo, Uruguay
My biggest takeaway involves critical limb ischemia and how it is resolved. It's very amazing what they can do. The live case presenters are very confident and willing to help these patients.
Charles Louis, MD
Lafayette, LA
The Wound Care/Podiatry sessions were particularly relevant to me. I'm excited to take back information on ulcer treatment and reasons for misdiagnosis that I learned here at NCVH in order to better serve my patients.
Diane Trevino, DPM
San Antonio, TX
The rotational atherectomy tools were interesting to see, and I also enjoyed the live cases. Peripheral treatment is new in our lab, and it was very helpful seeing them treat below-the-knee.
Jen Achey, RT
Vascular Center of Colorado
Colorado Springs, CO